The CEE train makes halt in Luxembourg

We have been following the Connecting Europe Express all over Europe and are so excited to welcome the CEE train and host the event in Luxembourg today, on October 5th.

For attendees of the CEE event, the subsequent visit of the Intermodal Terminal Bettembourg-Dudelange is the highlight of the day. The Intermodal Terminal enables the environmentally friendly modal shift from road to rail via vertical and horizontal transshipment of goods, thus avoiding the emission of 157,000 tons of CO2 annually.
At the concluding conference of the same day, central themes such as intermodal transport, interoperability and strategies for increasing the attractiveness of rail were discussed by key speakers.

The CEE, as an international initiative of the European Commission, puts the advantages of the rail as a safe and sustainable means of transport for both passenger and freight traffic in the rail year 2021 in a special light. Since 2 September 2021, starting in Lisbon, the train has crossed numerous European borders with over 100 stops, demonstrating the connectedness of the European rail network but also the challenges that rail players have to face in order to become more efficient in the transport sector. Find out more on the dedicated website of the Connecting European Express.
Upon arrival at its destination in Paris, the CEE train will have crossed a total of 26 countries and covered a distance of 20,000 km.