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Rail maintenance

Maintenance and repair of rail freight wagons and of diesel hydraulic locomotives as well as electric locomotives. Our workshop expertise is recognized on a European level, particularly for the maintenance of safety devices (brakes, wheel sets) and rail motorway wagons (Modalohr technology). Mobile teams on each site are able to quickly intervene on small-scale repairs (24 hour delay, 150 km radius).

With our experience dating back to 1869, we strive for industrial excellence in the maintenance of your rail freight rolling stock.

Our sites:

New workshop in Bettembourg
  • Curative maintenance of primary network wagons
  • Curative maintenance of primary network diesel hydraulic locomotives and new electric locomotives
Pétange workshop
  • Preventive and curative maintenance of primary network wagons (all types of wagons), brake components, axles
  • Technical support for the freight wagon fleet
  • The supply of new parts as well as reconditioned parts, trading and
  • management of third-party customer parts and technical studies
Belval workshop
  • Preventive and curative maintenance of locomotives and wagons (tertiary network and primary network wagons)
Lettering workshop
  • Artisanal graphic workshop specializing in printing and installation of digital elements: Technical registration on freight wagons, personalized stickers, signboards, large format printing and installation


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