Karima Delli joins forces with RFF

Karima Delli joins forces with RFF to help the sector through the crisis and beyond

Over the past two years, the Noah’s Train campaign has laid the foundation for higher visibility of the rail freight sector and has forged closer ties with key institutional players who can support the RFF goals.

One sponsor of Noah’s Train during its stop-over in Paris and a strong supporter of the modal shift to sustainable modes of transport, Karima Delli, Chair of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism committee, organised a video conference on 5th May with the CEOs of the RFF coalition.

Topics discussed were the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and necessary measures to support rail freight in the months to come.

Funding is necessary to help the recovery phase of the rail freight market. At the same time, a push to digitalisation and a level playing field with competing modes of transport will make it possible for rail operators to fulfil their role as the backbone of intermodal supply chains.

Karima Delli restated that increasing the modal share of rail freight is instrumental to the achievement of climate objectives and she welcomed the ongoing efforts RFF is making to move us towards this goal.

“Interoperability is of major importance to the development of the rail sector in Europe. A pro-active policy in favour of interoperability and its financing is a key element to increase the efficiency and the competitiveness of rail transport, and thus shift the modal balance and reduce our carbon footprint.“

Laurence Zenner, CEO CFL cargo

About Rail Freight Forward
Rail Freight Forward is a coalition of European rail freight companies that are committed to drastically reducing the negative impact of freight transport on the planet and mobility through innovation and a more intelligent transport mix.

The coalition has the ambition to increase the modal share of rail freight to 30% by 2030 as the macro-economically better solution for European growth. It strives to engage railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and policymakers across Europe in acting to realise this modal shift.

Rail Freight Forward is a broad and continuously expanding coalition composed of rail freight operators and supported by the sector associations CER, UIC, ERFA and VDV.

Current members of the Rail Freight Forward coalition are BLS Cargo, CD Cargo, CFL Cargo, DB Cargo, GreenCargo, Lineas, LTE Group, Mercitalia, Ost-West Logistik, PKP Cargo, Rail Cargo Group, Renfe Mercancías SBB Cargo, SNCF Logistics, ZSSK Cargo.

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